District Junior Conference held

Gladbrook Juniors attending the conference were: Front Row (l-r) Jasmin Terven, Kinley Miller, Brayla Davis, Raelyn Rasmussen, and Ellasyn and Emersen Faris. Back Row: Stella Betts, Maya Goos, Alaney Sienknecht, Jordan Sherman, Alaney Sienknecht, and Jo Lage. Photo Provided

The 2021 3rd District Jr. Auxiliary Conference was held on April 18 at the Gladbrook Memorial Building.

Jordan Sherman, Gladbrook, was the President with the following officers: V-P Maya Goos, Gladbrook; Secretary Jasmin Terven, Gladbrook; Chaplain Stella Betts, Gladbrook; Sgt-at-Arms Accalia Johnson, Denver, and Alaney Sienknecht, Gladbrook. Following a dinner served by the Gladbrook Auxiliary, the meeting was called to order by Parliamentarian Kelly Elliott. In the processional Gladbrook and 3rd District flags were presented by Emily Hulme, Jo Lage, and Ellasyn & Emersen Faris. The POW flag was placed by Tandi Davis and the “Vacant Chair” was read by Maya Goos.

Gladbrook Mayor Keith Sash welcomed everyone to Gladbrook. Gladbrook Post Commander Ron Busch and Unit President Jeanne Paustian all brought greetings. Jeanne read a message from the National ALA President Nicole Clapp.

Juniors units answering roll call from 3rd District was Denver, 1 and Gladbrook, 12. Total registration was 13 Juniors, 5 Legionnaires, 22 senior members, and 5 guests for a total of 45.

Guests who addressed the conference were Dept. Commander James Kessler, Lake Park, Department Auxiliary President Kelly Elliott, Shellsburg, 3rd District Commander Dave Travis, Shellsburg, 3rd District President Pat Williams, Gilman, and 3rd District Jr. Chairman Veronica Daniel, Conrad.

Jr. President Jackie Sherman (left) is picture with the newly elected Jr. President Maya Goos.

President Jordan gave her President’s Report about her yearly activities. She told about her projects. One was collecting toiletries for the veterans at the Iowa Veterans Home., and adult coloring books and colors. She had delivered twice to the IVH and many items were brought to the conference. Another project was collecting pop tabs with 285.71 lbs. (196.9 lbs. from Gladbrook) brought to the conference for the Ronald McDonald House.

Chaplain Stella Betts presented a Book of Prayers and Inspirations that was made by Sydney Vavroch who wasn’t able to attend.

President Jordan was given her history book made by Cali Travis, Shellsburg. She also thanked everyone that submitted articles and pictures.

A total of $58.51 was collected in the Pennies March with the proceeds going to President Jordan’s project.

The following officers were elected for the 2021-2022 year: President Maya Goos; V-P Stella Betts, Secretary Jo Lage, Chaplain Emily Hulme, Historian Alaney Sienknecht; and Sgt-at-Arms Raelyn Rasmussen and Kinley Miller. They were all from the Gladbrook Juniors. They were installed by the 3rd District President Pat Williams. President Jordan’s mother, Jackie, pinned on her past president’s pin. Shanna Goos pinned on her daughter, Maya’s, president’s pin. Gladbrook will host the 2022 conference.

The 2021-2022 Jr. officers: Front Row: (l-r) Sgt-at-Arms Raelyn Rasmussen and Kinley Miller. Back Row: Historian Alaney Sienknecht, Chaplain Emily Hulme, Secretary Jo Lage, V-P Stella Betts, and President Maya Goos.

Many door prizes were given out.

V-P May Goos presented President Jordan with a gift from her officers, which was a Willow Tree angel.

The conference ended with singing “God Bless America” and the retirement of colors.

Everyone attending were encouraged to tour the Matchstick Marvels Tourism Center hosted by the National ALA President Nicole Clapp.