G-R inducts new NHS members

RIGHT - Gladbrook-Reinbeck National Honor Society new members include, front row, from left: Belen Ellenberger, Paige Creswell, Rachael Kauffman, Maia McLean, Brooke Peterson, Karlie Rickert, Emily Else; back row: Katie Clark, Emma Fleshner, Saari Kuehl, Stephanie Kehoe, Connor Engle, Auston Wittgreve, Zane Stice, Brandon Strohbehn and Paul Brockett.
Saari Kuehl lighting a candle to represent one of the four pillars of the National Honor Society.
Paul Brockett signing the registration book while Mr. McQuillen and Mrs Strohbehn look on.
Paige Creswell and Belen Ellenberger reading a passage about Scholarship.

The Gladbrook-Reinbeck Chapter of the National Honor Society met with family and friends on March 25 to induct its new membership. The new inductees included seniors and juniors because last year’s ceremony was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The ceremony was introduced by faculty advisor, Jennifer Strohbehn. After a brief introduction, senior students read excerpts about the four pillars of the National Honor Society. The pillars are scholarship, service, leadership and character.

Students with a grade point average above 3.5 and no Good Conduct Code violations were invited to apply for entry into the chapter. These students then showed their competency in the other pillars by being involved in at least two extra curricular activities while in high school, completing at least 10 community service hours each year and submitting an essay about their leadership skills.

The new inductees include seniors Paige Creswell, Belen Ellenberger, Emily Else, Connor Engel, Rachael Kauffman, Stephanie Kehoe, Saari Kuehl, Maia McLean, Auston Wittgreve and juniors Paul Brockett, Kathyrn Clark, Emma Fleshner, Brooke Peterson, Karlie Rickert, Zane Stice, Brandon Strohbehn.

New inductees signed the chapter registration book and Mr. McQuillen congratulated students as he handed out their certificates and membership tokens. Parents and other guests then got a chance to take some pictures and congratulate their students.