100 vaccines set to arrive soon in Grundy County

Grundy County Public Health (GCPH) announced Wednesday morning 100 doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine will be allocated to Grundy County next week through the state vaccination program.

Due to the quick notification of this allocation, GCPH and healthcare partners worked together to decide how best to utilize this vaccine with high-risk priority populations established by the CDC and IDPH.

The Johnson & Johnson vaccines will be administered to previously identified local manufacturing employees in coordination with GCPH and local pharmacies.

GCPH stated they were not expecting to receive the allocation, and indicated there is no guarantee of future Johnson & Johnson allotments.

GCPH continues to receive a weekly allotment of the Moderna vaccine to be distributed to local pharmacies for administration to those on their waiting lists.

The public health department encouraged continued patience with the process as there is still a vaccine shortage for all EAU approved COVID-19 vaccinations.