Five things to know from GMG School Board

1. The GMG school board met Tuesday, Feb. 9 for a regular session. A public hearing was held for the academic calendar. No questions or comments were heard and the 2021-22 school calendar was approved.

2. The school board discussed some items related to COVID-19. The school board approved to extend the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) through March 31. This act requires certain employers to provide employees with paid sick leave or expanded family and medical leave for specified reasons related to COVID-19.

Mr. Kleinmeyer reported there are 20 students continuing online learning for the second semester. This is down from six students from the first semester.

3. Mr. Frimml reported the elementary is close to having the FAST testing done for the winter. They will start having their data meetings. The district window for Iowa Statewide Assessment of Student Progress is April 1st to the end of the year. Mr. Kleinmeyer and Mr. Frimml will be meeting on Wednesday to finalize details. Currently, there are ten children signed up for preschool next year.

4. A first reading of policies on animals in the classroom and service animals was completed.

5. A motion to approve the resolution on vouchers failed in a split vote. Included in the resolution was the deletion of the language which follows: “a slippery slope toward a costly and expansive voucher program.” Those voting to adopt the resolution included Kyle Hall, Ann Jackson and Jill Roberts. Those voting to not adopt the resolution included Doug Dieleman, Nathan Holven, Randy Sienknecht and Jackie Stonewall.


The school board approved hiring Kyla Krier as a part-time elementary paraprofessional.

The school board approved the resignation of Joe Illingworth as high school girls’ assistant basketball coach.