Gladbrook-Reinbeck applies for remote learning waiver

Gladbrook-Reinbeck schools announced late Tuesday that the district has applied to the State departments of education and public health for a district-wide waiver to conduct full remote learning for PK-12 students.

The remote learning plan has not been put into action yet and is pending approval from the Iowa Department of Education.

In a letter to families, Supt. Erik Smith pointed towards the significant rate of COVID-19 positivity increase in the district’s communities as well as the current strain on regional healthcare systems and absenteeism of school staff related to illness as the driving factors behind the decision.

The scheduling plan, once approved, will look as follows:

– K-6th grade students will be 100% virtual learning on Thursday, November 12th and Friday, November 13th.

– 7-12th grade students will run their normal in-person schedule on Thursday, November 12th and Friday, November 13th.

– 3rd-12th grade students will be 100% virtual learning beginning on Tuesday, November 17th through Tuesday, November 24th.

– K-2nd grade students will continue in-person learning beginning on Tuesday, November 17th and will remain 100% IN-PERSON through Tuesday, November 24th. Parents will still have the option to keep these students home. Please complete the Google Form available here to indicate your desired learning format by Friday, November 13 at 2:00 PM. Transportation will be provided for all students continuing to attend in person learning in grades K-2.

– Meals will continue to be provided during the closure. More information regarding meal requests and pick up will be provided by Wednesday afternoon.

To view the full letter from Supt. Smith click here.

Districts around Tama County are grappling with instruction decisions as COVID-19 cases continue to climb. Tama County Public Health reported a 14-day positivity rate above 21% earlier in the week with 34 new cases reported Monday alone.

Grundy County reported yesterday its 14-day positivity rate was above 28% with 120 new cases reported within the last week.

In Tama County both North Tama and South Tama schools have announced or have already enacted 100% virtual learning plans.

Area schools that remain with at least partially in-person instruction models include GMG, Meskwaki Settlement, Grundy Center and Union.

Gladbrook-Reinbeck administration said families should expect additional communication in the near future regarding futher details and logistics of shifting to remote learning.