Reinbeck churches unite for common cause

SafeTHome for Haiti manufactured by Sukup Manufacturing in Sheffield, Iowa.

Reinbeck United Methodist Church, Presbyterian Church, Union Congregational Church of Christ, St. Gabriel’s Holy Family Parish and New Life Assembly of God, have all come together for a common cause, to raise money to buy and build housing in the Village of Hope, Les Cayes, Haiti.

In 2010, an earthquake devastated Haiti with an unprecedented loss of lives and over a million people were left homeless. Many are living in tents provided by nations from around the world and humanitarian organizations. Thousands of children have been left as orphans or with only their mothers. As of late 2011, there were still an estimated 600,000 people living under tents, and there is a tremendous need to house, feed, clothe and educate the children.

Village of Hope, located near the southern coast of Haiti, is a community of dwellings called safeTHomes, the safeTHomes is engineered by Sukup Manufacturing in Sheffield, Iowa. The homes resembles grain bins, and are constructed by Global Compassion, a corporation founded by two Northwest Iowa farmers. The safeTHomes are designed to handle hurricane force winds and earthquakes.

The area churches will be hosting a fundraising meal on July 15th with the partnership of the Iowa Pork Producers at the Reinbeck Memorial Building. Ken DeYoung, a NW Iowa farmer who founded the Homes of Haiti project, will be speaking at the fundraiser and will be telling his story on bringing help and homes from Iowa to Haiti. All are welcome to attend. Their goal is to raise money to put up as many homes as possible. Each home costs $5,700.00. The safeTHome will be on display for viewing with informational material at the Memorial Building the day of the event. The home will also be on display during the Reinbeck 4th of July celebration in Elmwood Park.

Pastor Terry Plocher of the Reinbeck UMC stated recently, “Interest and enthusiasm has been running very high for this project. I have had more people asking about this than any other mission project we have done. It has really captured the imagination of our community.”

Pastor Saak of New Life had the opportunity to visit Haiti earlier in the year and says, “I can tell you that the devastation is far reaching. I toured several tent cities and the idea of coming together as a community to help provide a home for even just one of these families is humbling.”

For further information or if you would like to donate toward a home please contact any one of the five church offices or go to www.Globalcompassionnet.org to get more information.