Project Radical minutes

The Project Radical coalition met March 22, 2010 in the high school cafeteria. Those in attendance were Jane Stirler, Connie Miller, Dan Reisner, Becky Heeren, Beth Thompson, and Malinda Shoaf, Jane made a few announcements about upcoming events. She stated that on April 18th there would be a Granny basketball game sponsored by SADD. It is a fundraiser for the Mini Relay for Life. An all night volleyball tournament will also be held. A middle school SADD lock-in took place which involved 44 SADD students and 11 high school students as chaperones. The middle school SADD chapter will also go to Adventureland as part of Substance Free week-end June 11 and 12. The mini-relay for life will take place May 18th in Gladbrook.

The JEL summit will be held June 17, 18 and 19 at Central College. Because of budget reductions there will be no carnival. Malinda reported on the street marketing event to be held. She said using seven pieces of black paper and 50 white handprints there will be signs placed around school representing the effects of tobacco use.

They will also complete a story bank with statements about why students joined JEL. Two or three students are signed up for the JEL Summit. Sarah and Malinda are preparing for the summit by working on a leadership presentation which also includes fundraising ideas. JEL leaders at UNI are working on $1 and $2 hugs and a car wash as fund raisers. Malinda and Sarah will be having a conference call next Wednesday night. They were also working on talking with legislators. May 1 and 2 will be the next JEL retreat after school and Malinda and Sarah will be presenters. For the Relay for Life additional suns, moons and feet will be purchased to help support the Relay for Life. Dan reported on the new trimester schedule. Connie Miller reported on sexual abuse prevention week. Tama County has passed an ordinance to prevent huffing. Becky Heeren reported that Tama County has applied for a mental health grant for next year. There have been cuts to mental health funding in human services.

Our next meeting will start at 5:30. Jane also suggested a survey for teachers who will list their concerns about substance abuse and possible solutions.