Food truck owners open new Mexican restaurant in Reinbeck

Food truck business owners, Bruno and Anna Chavez, had their grand opening of El Camino in their new location of Reinbeck, on Tuesday, July 20. Photo provided

Food truck business owners, Bruno and Anna Chavez, had their grand opening of El Camino, on 428 Main Street in Reinbeck, on Tuesday, July 20.

The Corner Cafe, a restaurant that was previously at the Main Street building, closed before the Chavezes obtained the building.

Bruno Chavez said they bought and remodeled the building, and will be serving American breakfast from 6 to 11 a.m and a Mexican taqueria menu from 11 a.m to 8 p.m everyday.

“Tomorrow is going to be our first day opening regular hours,” Chavez said.

Anna Chavez said she and her husband decided to create a food truck business because they wanted to do something more affordable, while still going into the restaurant business.

“Well, my husband and I have been working in different restaurants for a while. We didn’t have the money to actually make our own business, like an actual restaurant, so we decided to do something more affordable for us, like a small food truck,” Chavez said. “Once we opened that food truck we started getting a lot of people online looking for us. We started getting popular, so we got two more food trucks.”

Chavez said they chose Reinbeck as the new location for their food truck because of the response from the community and felt Reinbeck was the perfect town to open their business.

“We actually went there to just sell at a bar and were just basically looking for a kitchen. Every time we would go, maybe two or three times, we would get packed with a lot of people, and we noticed that it was a nice town and had a lot of people. There was a lot of movement there,” Chavez said. “I felt like we could do something better for that town, and it would work just fine with our trucks, too. We also bought a house there so we wanted something close to us.”

Chavez said it was a long process in opening the El Camino food trucks.

“We had to get a food license and go through the health department and fire department. There were lots of applications with the city that we had to fill out,” Chavez said, “There was a little bit more money than we expected that we needed to pay but it was still cheaper than actually opening an actual restaurant.”

Chavez said they decided to bring their food truck to different events in places such as Cedar Falls and Waterloo because there was a need for food trucks that specialize in Mexican food.

“I think there weren’t a lot of food trucks in Cedar Falls. There’s some in Waterloo, but here in Cedar Falls, there wasn’t really a Mexican food truck,” Chavez said, “We go to different events and a lot of people like that because there are hardly any food trucks here at all.”

El Camino serves roughly 250 to 350 people, depending on the location they are at. The Mexican restaurant offers menu items such as street tacos, nachos, asada fries, and quesadillas.

Chavez said that although they move around a bit, their usual locations are Prime Mart in Cedar Falls, Happy’s and Farmer State Bank in addition to College Hill and Bani’s liquor store (all in Cedar Falls).

If you’re interested in stopping by or want to know where their food trucks are currently located, look them up on Facebook or Instagram at ElCaminoCF.